Traditional Salmon

Trout caviar harvested from the fish living in wild, rather than in fish hatcheries, is rarely found on the market. It is unique in its bright color and intense taste: salty, with pronounced fishy flavor and slight bitterness

Finest Salmon

Red salmon is a Pacific salmon species that inhabits the Pacific Oceans and travels to the freshwater rivers only for spawning. Red salmon caviar is highly appreciated and valued due to its rare and exclusive nature. It offers fine delicate taste with slight bitterness

Imperial Salmon

Keta salmon is one of the most beneficial nutrient-enriched fish species. This caviar sort is usually called royal for its bright orange taste, the largest grain size and soft creamy taste

Royal Selection

Coho salmon is a rare wild fish species with silvery scales, thanks to which it is commonly called silver salmon in America and Japan. Coho salmon has large roe grains with intense, slightly bitter flavor and subtle savory aftertaste